About Trylead

As a global organics provider, Trylead is specializing in development and production of advance organics for pharmaceutical and material industry. For more than a Decade, we are focusing on providing Valuable with Quality development service to worldwide customers including World top 500 enterprises.

Trylead has a talented chemist team, who had developed and processed more that 5200 organics and analogues. Also we maintain close relationship with domestic well-known universities, research institute, and reputable factories as our partners.

With our expertise and ability, Trylead is providing Quality service as follow:

Exclusive Custom Synthesis

Develop and Synthesis of key intermediate, lead compounds carried out either on single project basis or under a fixed term contract.

Process Development

Projects for process research, scale up and technology commercialization for preclinical and clinical drug candidates, pharmaceutical intermediates and specialty chemicals.

Contract  Manufacturing

Flexible contract Manufacturing,Fully integrated solution from pilot plan to Industrial scale.

Our Competitive Advantages

◆Fully integrated company with in-house business development, R&D, pilot, production and project management.

◆Standard service and product quality combined with low cost manufacturing in China.

◆Complete understanding of the transparency and regulatory requirements for Pharmaceutical intermediates.

◆Reduced liability and research risks.

Starting business in China from 1996, we are much familiar with the domestic market and business environment. Combined with our global service experience for decades, we are confident to provide our customer a best solution to success.