Custom Synthesize and Manufacture

Trylead strictly commits that all Exclusive Custom Service will Fully comply with all applicable regulations , guidance(CDA if required).

Exclusive Custom Synthesis service

Trylead has a talented R&D team lead by Ph.D with 30 years' experience. After decades, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in dozens of reactions:

Acetoacylation Acylation Aldol Condensation Alkoxylation
Allylic Bromination Amidation Amination Bromination
Carbamoylation Carboxylation Chlorination Chloromethylation
Chlorosulfonation Cyclopropanations Cyanation Cyclization
Claisen Condensation Decarboxylation Dehalogenation Dehydrogenation
Dealkylation Deoxygenation Diazotization Dieckmann
Cyclization Diels-Alder Doebner-Knoevenagel Friedel-Crafts
Condensation Esterification Etherification Formylation
Fries Rearrangement Gomberg-Bachmann Grignard Halide Exchange
Hofmann Degradation Halogenation Indde Cyclisations Hydroformylation
Hydroxylation Hydrolysis Ketalization Mannich
Hydrogenation Michael Mitsunobu Nitrosation
Kolbe-Schmitt Oxidation Reduction Reformatsky
Sandmeyer Saponification Silylation Sulfonation
Suzuki Heck, Hiyama, Negishi, Kumada Coupling Thiophosgenation Transesterification Wittig
Williamson Vilsmeier -Haack    

With our expertise, we are providing quality service of Developing and Synthesis of key intermediate, lead compounds carried out either on single project basis or under a fixed term contract.

Contract Manufacture and Process Development

We are also best known for the skillful process optimization and scale-up expertise.  

Relies on  economical material in China, we Utilize cutting edge technology to manufacture quality products at competitive prices.